Best free web hosting provider with cPanel to create website

Are you thinking of creating a WordPress site, but can not able to decide which free web hosting is right to create a blog or website for a beginner? So here we created a list of top free web hosting provider for you, which will help you choose the best free web hosting provider.

What is Free Web Hosting?

As it is known by its words that some hosting provider websites give us the platform to create a website.  Such websites are called free web hosting provider.  All the beginners who want to create a new website or blog and they have no budget to create then free web hosting is a temporary solution to start your website. Because it gives all things without any cost here.

Which one better free hosting or paid hosting?

I would say that you have to first try free web hosting thru that you can learn basic and make your own website or blog. But be careful when you using free hosting because sometimes some free hosting provider may delete your website.

Where to Buy Free Hosting?

1. Awardspace

This is a good Free web Hosting Company and also giving domain in it free. There are some of it's Futures, which is something like this.

  • 1 GB Disk Space for file hosting
  • 5 GB monthly data transfer
  • 3 Subdomains
  • 1 MySQL database for your website
  • PHP5 , PHP7 and FTP Support
  • 100% NO Ads on your website
  • 1 Email, Webmail to send mail

2. 000webhost

It's a very popular company. It has thousands of users. It allows traffic up to 1 GB. Some of it's Futures is something like this.

  • You can host your own domain
  • Own cPanel to manage the website.
  • It will give good customer support
  • 1 GB disk space for website file hosting
  • Easy  user interface to manage website
  • FTP access for upload website

This is also a very good hosting provider. This allows you to create your WordPress Blog within 2 minutes. Its features are given below:

  • 1000 MB or 1GB Web Space for hosting
  • Free Domains for your website.
  • Ads free hosting
  • FTP Access control and Easy access
  • 1 Free Email account to send mail (POP3)
  • Easy to create an account.

Disadvantages of Free Hosting

In Free Hosting, you get a limited space to create a blog. If your blog gets popular then you may face some trouble

Its customer support is quite bad. If there is a problem in your blog then you are less hopeful of getting support from the Hosting Provider.

Your Free Hosting account can be Suspend or Ban without any warning at any time.

Free Users cannot take a backup blog or website. If something bad happens to your blog or website, then you can not restore your blog.

Please use free hosting only to learn Wordpress and to learn about Plugin, Themes, Customizing. If you want to take your blog to an up keeper then buy Premium hosting from a good hosting provider. And do a secure blogging.

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