What is Off Page SEO, How to do Off Page SEO

The best effective way to increase the traffic of your website is to do its Search Engine Optimization. By SEO you can increase the ranking of your site in any search engine and you can get more traffic. SEO divided into two part On Page SEO and Off Page SEO.

A smart blogger, Start website SEO with the On Page SEO techniques.  Today we're only going to talk about Off Page SEO in this post. We'll know what is Off Page SEO and what are the ways to do off-page SEO.

What is Off Page SEO

If we talk about the On-Page SEO, it comes with a lot of ways in which we only make our content great, so that Search engines like them. according to google the most important is content.

Off site SEO (also known as Off-Page SEO) means those actions carried out outside of your website, which make the effect on website rank  in the search engine's result page (SERP).

Now if your website content, as well as your site overall, reputed on Internet, Google will give you even more traffic. We have to pay attention to things such as  How many links have we received from another website, The links which have been found are quality, what is the authority of our domain, and what is the engagement of the website on social media.

How to do Off Page SEO?

Now Let's we see how we can do Off Page SEO to improve the ranking of our site.

1. Create Quality Backlinks

When our website is linked or refer to any webpage of another website, then it is called Backlink. All Off Page SEO techniques somehow focus on creating quality backlinks. there are two type of backlinks

DoFollow link: By default, all the links that you add to the blog post are do-follow links

NoFollow Link: Any website links to another website but that refere link has a NoFollow tag. then they are NoFollow links.

2. Make Social Media Engagement

There are many popular social networking sites in the world. Some of those sites give us the service to create brand page free for our website or business. Such as Facebook, Google +, Instagram and LinkedIn etc. By increasing engagement for your site on social media. you will get more backlinks to grow your blog or website.

Some sites do not serve to create a brand page, such as Twitter and Pinterest. On these sites, you have to create a new account from a different email id.

3. Promote On Social Bookmarking Sites

Social Bookmarking Sites is one of the best and great platforms to promote your website. On these sites when you promote your blog or website, you can also get high traffic for your site with backlinks.

4. Do Forum Submission

There are many such platforms on the internet that has millions of users register. People on these platforms discuss many topics and there are many active users. Make the connection with their community, Reply to questions and give you suggestions. It will boost your ranking.

5. Join Question and Answer Sites

There are several QNA sites in the world, where millions of questions are asked and answered. If you are active in these sites then you will find lots of ideas for writing a new post.

You'll need to register first to give these sites the answer. After you register, you can complete the profile. From many sites, you can also get high-quality do follow backlinks from profiling.

6. Do Media Submissions

You can increase your blog ranking by sharing your website images and videos like media content on other different image sharing and video sharing sites.  While submitting the image, keep in mind image high quality and its title, description and URL should be optimized properly.

7. Blog Directory Submission

Blog Directory is a website that has millions of blog URLs. There are many blog directory submission site that allows you to submit your blog and create a backlink for your blog.

Implement Off Page SEO methods above on your website. I hope you will get benefit a lot from these methods. If you like these article, you can share it with other people.

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